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Valentine’s Day Open House


There’s nothing more romantic than a dinner you create for that someone special, to help you with that we have created Gift Baskets that are filled with thoughtfully selected premium products and artfully presented, perfect for your most romantic dinner of the year.

Some of the cuisines to sample  in our showroom are:

Cipriani! This is the family that started Harry’s Bar in Venice, Italy, in 1931–and has now expanded into an international empire of restaurants, stores and products. Among those products is a line of boxed pastas made with eggs. Ciprianis have managed to create a dried, boxed, egg pasta that is among the finest egg pastas ever, the simultaneously firm but tender texture is the signature of these amazing pastas.

This is how they do it. They use the best Durum Semolina from Puglia, they include 7 eggs in every kilo of pasta, they work the dough through their machines at least 40 times (most commercial pasta gets worked once or twice), and they dry the pasta at very low temperatures. They make three different shapes, and several varieties in each shape. And the Tagliolini All’ Uovo is the thinnest of the three, that is why we selected this incredibly amazing pasta for our Romantic Dinner for Two Gift Basket to make it even easier we included 100% Organic Cipriani Sansovina Sauce – Sansovina is a ready-made traditional Italian tomato sauce made with naturally processed organic products, and no artificial preservatives added, it is the simplest transformation of Pomod’oro, perfect to dress a box of Cipriani pasta and to bring the flavours of Harry’s Bar of Venice to your own home.

Just come and sample it for yourself:

Pure & natural pasta sauces by Celebrity Chef Mario Batali

We at Visual Impact Gift Baskets made a Gift Basket like no other to make your romantic dinner for two effortless, to create the most authentic plate of pasta at home, all you have to do is come and sample beforehand, Celebrity Chef Mario Batali’s Fettuccine Alfredo or Roman Rigatoni with Arrabiata sauce in our showroom and chose the one Romantic Dinner for Tow Gift Basket that you and your special someone will love.

In developing this authentic line of all-natural pasta sauces, Mario Batali drew on the lessons he first learned in his family kitchen and later in the kitchens of some of the finest restaurants in Europe – fresh ingredients, prepared simply, make the finest meals. Because there are no preservatives, purees or added sugars, you can taste the fresh and distinctive ingredients of each style of sauce — based on the same recipes that Mario enjoys at home with his family and that diners enjoy every night at Mario’s many restaurants

Exclusively made in a green facility These traditional cuts of pasta were chosen by Mario to pair well with his sauces. Starting with the highest quality durum wheat semolina, the grain is milled on site to allow for rigorous quality testing and selection. Each piece is shaped by extrusion through a bronze die which imparts a texture that adheres perfectly to the sauce.

These are just a couple examples of what we offer for the valentine’s day gifting event

Come and visit our showroom

36 water street south N1R 3C5 Cambridge ON

February 08/2016 to February 14/2016

9:00am to 6:00pm